S. DeStefano

Things I like. Plus some drawings.

Soccer Popeye!
Drawn for a style guide several years ago.


I realized that I never posted any of my work from Gravity Falls.

This was one of the most challenging and fun design assignments I’ve ever had.  Originally called “Bear-Bear”, the Multi-Bear was a crazy mutant bear with bears for arms and legs.  I recall Alex and Mike telling me an idea for a scene where Dipper is consoling a sad bear monster… “There there Bear-Bear”.   I did the rough sketch and in an unusual twist of fate, I think I nailed it conceptually pretty quickly.

Erik Fountain had to board a sequence with the bears and I thought for sure I would have to really simplify the final design once he was done.  Erik ended up killing it and I didn’t have to adjust the design much at all.  The reverse 3/4 position on the turn is pretty wonky now that I look at it… I must’ve rushed through it a bit since there was so much line mileage.

Oh!  I also did a really quick color pass on this design to send it off to the voice actor we were trying to get.  I thiiiiink we approached Patrick Stewart, but he passed.  Then we got Alfred Molina!  Pretty sweet if you ask me.

so yeah.


SYM-BIONIC TITAN sketches for CN promotional use (not that CN ever promoted it or anything).
I can’t recall if Genndy started these or I drew them all on my lonesome.
That was a fun job, Titan.

People sure do love cartoons!

Goofy makes with the comedy jokes.

I did this draowing.
From all of us to all of you.


Wednesday Wipe! Bizarrfo (DC Nation’s Farm League) chased by his own tail.

Design at top by Stephen DeStefano, animation by Tim.


Another New Yorker captured by Polly Guo!


Another New Yorker captured by Polly Guo!

(via pollyguo)


Wednesday Wipe! Animation by Tim from “Facundo the Great”.